Cartridge Punkz

is a collection of unique collectable punk portraits, on a game cartridge. It is a callback to the nostalgia of old school gaming combined with NFTs.



There will be 10,000 Cartridge Punkz to mint and we will be releasing them 1k at a time. We want to save people as much ETH as possible so we set the price to half of what standard drops are going for and as well will be releasing on the Polygon Network. You will be able to buy a Cartridge Punk for 0.03 ETH. Every Cartridge Punk will be different with rarities based on cartridge type, and label color, accessories etc. There will be another drop in the future of Cartridge Priks which you will be able to fuse/burn to get a Limited Edition 16 bit Cartridge Punk.


We are hosting a giveaways on Twitter and Discord throughout the next month.
With a little bit of luck you can get Cartridge Punkz for free. Click the links below to join!


When are you giving away the Limited Edition Cartidge Punkz?
I will be holding a giveaway for each of the 5 Limited Edition Cartridge Punkz during certain contests on Twitter and Discord. So make sur eyoure following on Twitter and have joined the Discord.

When will I be able to mint Cartridge Punkz?
Hoping for mid to late October 2021

What's the initial mint price?
They should cost 0.03 ETH. we're releasing on the Polygon Network to save you as much ETH as possible. That, on top of charging about half what current drops are charging.

When will I get my Cartridge Punkz?
After you mint your Cartridge Punkz, it will be sent to your wallet. This should be done in several minutes in most cases. During peak periods, it could take longer.

Which Cartridge Punk is the rarest?
Althought there will be different rarities there will be a drawing for the Unique Zombie Cartridge Punkz after the drop for everyone who bought a CP.

How do I win the Unique Cartridge Punk?
Each person who buys/mints a Cartridge Punk will get entered into the draw for the Unique Zombie CP. Each Cartridge Punkz you buy will get you one entry.

What wallet can I use?
Any of the supported OpenSea Ethereum wallets will work.

Are there any limits?
You will be able to mint 1, 3 or 5, NFTs at a time. This may be subject to change as we get closer to the drop.

Mint Cartridge Punkz

I am planning the release date to be October 2021 or early November