Cartridge Punkz

is a collection of unique collectable punk portraits, on a game cartridge. It is a callback to the nostalgia of old school gaming combined with NFTs.



When will I be able to mint Cartridge Punkz?
You will be able to mint our first download of 999 Cartridge Punkz on 05th November here on our website. Just click the shopping cart icon and enter the Cartriverse!

What is the cost of a Cartridge Punk?
Cartridge Punkz will cost 4 Matic for the first mint of 999. We are releasing the project on the Polygon network on OpenSea. We don’t like Gas either. Our mints will increase in price progressively through our drops - depending on the price of Matic, we were considering between a 2-3 Matic Increase for each drop of 999 until our first full set of 9999 has been minted. This is TBC.

How many Cartridge Punkz can I mint at once?
You can mint up to 5 at a time!

When do I receive my Cartridge Punk?
Once you have confirmed the mint transaction, your Cartridge Punk should be transferred directly into your OpenSea wallet. This can take a couple of minutes and longer in peak periods.

Which Cartridge Punk is the rarest?
All Cartridge Punkz will have a different rarity. Every attribute has its own levels of rarity and then attributes have been weighted too. We have created our own Rarity Spreadsheet to help you define the rarity of your Cartridge Punk.

How do I win the Unique Cartridge Punk?
Each person who buys/mints a Cartridge Punk will get entered into the draw for the Unique Zombie CP. Each Cartridge Punkz you buy will get you one entry.

What wallet can I use?
Our website supports any wallet that OpenSea supports, as our collection will be on OpenSea. As above, you will need to mint in Matic. This is being reviewed to see if there are alternative options. All secondary sales will be on OpenSea in Polygon Wrapped Ethereum.

Mint Cartridge Punkz

Minting will be available at 5 PM PST on November 5th. 999 Cartridge Punkz for 4 Matic each. Please click the shopping cart after that time to reach the Minting page.